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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

Professional fashion and art photographer. Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy for Fine Arts. Rated among Top best Photographers by “Career” magazine. It can be said that in his art Igor combines technologies of the past in the format of the future. Working with old technologies, lenses and chemical processes, the artist does not capture reality, he creates his own world in his pictures. One of the main focuses of his work is shooting and printing technology, preserved from the middle of XIX century and known as wet-collodion process on the plates of blackened silver. The artist makes unique photo-canvas. All covering imperfections are original and make a special entourage, which, combined with the image, creates an unusual feeling.


The selected work by Igor Vasiliades is offered in a limited edition with a maximum of 30 pieces. All his original photographs are hand-signed and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


Our photos are printed on Professional Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper and lasered with a Lambda machine; the absolute best in photo production.
The works we offer are framed behind high quality acrylic glass on alu-dibond.

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