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Bring a beautiful piece of photo art into your world.


For the Love of the Picture originated from a big love; a profound appreciation for beautiful images. Through this online photo gallery we share our enthusiasm and hope to inspire a broad audience. Our ambition is to make photography accessible and affordable for all.

It’s not just about the image, it’s about the experience
Do you know that feeling; the sincere love you can experience for an image? A beautiful picture has the power to intrigue or to trigger a pure and true emotion, even when you least expect it. For the Love of the Picture hopes to enrich your life and bring photography into your home or office.

This online photo gallery consists of an exciting portfolio of top quality images that are glamorous, sexy, colorful and artistic high end photo’s with accessible pricing.
The collection will be in motion and completed continuously due to the daily search for work by top photographers from various disciplines and young talent as well. Additionally, For the Love of the Picture offers private presentations through themed LookBooks.

For the Love of the Picture is always looking for talent, known or unknown and give passionate photographers a stage for the world to discover. It is important for us to be a valuable and trustworthy partner and to add a commercial perspective to creative talent.

The Audience
Our viewers are not the usual gallery visitors. It is the Love for the Picture and the way it is produced and framed that inspires them to adopt the image. It’s an audience that values craftsmanship, high quality and the professional result of the photo(s) on their wall, allowing them to express themselves in their own space through a powerful image. We invite you to choose the Picture You Love.


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