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Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam

Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam


Photographer Dennis van de Water, born and raised in Leiden, studied Medical Natural Sciences in Amsterdam from 2003. In 2011 he graduated in Medical Physiology.

Always interested in photography, at the end of his studies he switched from family & vacation videos to DSLR photography (SLR camera).

Dennis gradually discovered, instead of editing videos, that there are so many more possibilities for him in the field of photography. Especially in terms of editing photos and ideas.

Dennis has learned a lot from fellow photographers through Zoom. And also taught himself a wide range of techniques, such as gaining knowledge about HDR, panorama, time lapse, long exposure, etc. via YouTube.

Shortly after his studies, selling photos via the internet was so satisfying that he decided in 2015 to become a full-time photographer.

Dennis's specialism is mainly of landscapes, nature and macro. Partly due to the demand from the market, he also makes a lot of city and travel photography. As a result, his style has evolved towards more vibrant, clear images that really stand out. It is not without reason that his work has been labeled "Glamor Landscape Photography" by Zoom Magazine.


Our photos are printed on Professional Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper and lasered with a Lambda machine; the absolute best in photo production.
The works we offer are framed behind high quality acrylic glass on alu-dibond.